About Between Desire

Between Desire is a still photography project examining the space between our needs and desires while situating sustainability at the crossroads of these two paradigms. My colour photographs point toward the constant outward push of suburban expansion and the inevitable collision of the human made, natural and historical landscapes. I have asked myself this one question, Does this push exceed the limits of the environment’s natural and self- sustaining entropic flows?
Furthermore, the project examines a desired return to Arcadia, albeit, an increasingly unattainable dreamscape. The tragedy is, the further we push and disrupt, the very Arcadia we long for moves farther toward the horizon.
The photographs suggest two possibilities; one of sustainability and the other, of a return to a mythical and pastoral Arcadia which has now become just a homogenized aberration in our collective dream for ‘the good life.’


~ by paulveekhoff on July 13, 2010.

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